Saturday, December 20, 2014

Carters Beach

Beach #7 on our "12 Beaches of Christmas" tour is Carters Beach. (Martha, we waved at your cottage on the way by) I think this is the first time we have visited Carters in the winter (well, technically I guess it's still fall). We didn't get to walk the whole beach because of the creek(?). It was pretty wide and deep. We could have driven around to the other end and had a lovely long walk. We probably would have if it was a tad bit warmer and a titch less windy.

Carters is a stunning the summertime the waters are turquoise. And you can usually find all sorts of sand dollars which is always a bonus when you're beach walking.
Carters Beach Family Photo might be able to tell from the was COLD and it was WINDY!

No blue skies today!
notice how well behave the OTHER dog is and contrast it with our dogs straining at the leashes


Sybil said...

Wow that is pretty far away ... but beee-ooo-ti-ful !

martha brown said...

I'm a bit behind on my reading!
My beach!
( I was hoping you would save this one until I was there :)
Last winter my gloves froze solid on Carters beach. I picked up over 100 sand dollars on one walk though - and didn't have to feel guilty that I wasn't leaving any for anyone else :)