Tuesday, September 23, 2014

different day, different view

This black and white photo is currently on display at the Viewpoint Gallery in Halifax. The artist's talk was on September 14th, and it was interesting to hear the other photographers talking about their photos. Also interesting was listening to them talk about their difficulities in choosing their photos for submission, how to choose a framer, what type of frame and matte to choose, how and where to sign their photograph....etc....and all questions that I was asking myself while going through the process. 

I had my photograph printed at two places...one expensive print on high quality paper (I had a free coupon that I won at a seminar I went to)...and one "cheap" print done by Costco. I showed both prints to several people...and some employees at a framing shop...and they all chose the "cheap" print as their favourite. So...expensive is not always your best choice.

I signed my photo on the front, which is apparently a no-no for photographs. Artists sign on the front. Photographers sign either on the white border (to be covered up by the matte) or they sign on the back of the print. Signing on the matte is a "no", as projects can get re-matted and therefore the signature is lost. Signing on the actual print is considered distracting and de-values the photo. I don't understand that...why should a photographer sign on the back when other artists sign their work on the front? 

To each his (or her) own, and I think I will continue to sign on the front.
on exhibit at Viewpoint Gallery until September 28th, 2014
In early September, we drove by the "two trees" and the hay had just been cut. I went back later in the afternoon and the hay had been raked...I love the pattern of the hay around the trees. The next morning, all the hay had been baled and taken away with no evidence (other than a newly cut field) that the mowing had taken place. I was glad I went back with my camera when I did. You can't see them in this photo, but there are red apples on the trees. 

This photograph has such a different feeling than the black and white winter photo!
same location, September 2014

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Sybil said...

Sara, when you say you "sign" them, you're not talking about the copyright image that overlays the photos on your blog. You're talking about a signature on the bottom ?

I have a photograph that is signed on the matting on the front. She didn't sign the photo itself but just below it. The photographer is Roberta Bondar.