Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yellow Chairs on the LaHave

Edited on July 30: All is resolved. I contacted the bakery...said I was thrilled that they used my photo...and asked for photo credit....which has now been given. I have been approached by a Maritime magazine twice in the past for use of my photos and when I asked for photo credit, they decided not to use the photos. It doesn't surprise me when people steal things from the internet, but it disappoints me when professional businesses expect to use images without a simple photo credit.

Let me say....before you read this blog post....that I love eating at the LaHave Bakery...I enjoy the food, and love the atmosphere. I also love eating food from the LaHave Bakery while sitting on their wharf. Nothing beats eating good food on a sunny day by the water.

Now...on to the purpose of today's post....

Following people on facebook leads to all kinds of discoveries. A friend posted information about an upcoming photography exhibit on her timeline....which led me to her website...which had a link to a website for LaHave Bakery....which I clicked on.

So I took a look at their home page and what do I see? A photograph I took and included on a blog post in 2010: http://sharleystudio.blogspot.ca/2010/08/lunching-on-lahave.html

my photograph from a 2010 blog post
from the LaHave Bakery website

Then I clicked through to their facebook page, and they are using my photo as their banner!
LaHave Bakery facebook page
I am quite honoured that they are using my photo on their home page and as their facebook banner. However, it would have been nice to be asked for my permission....or at least to give me photo credit. After all, I do have this right on the side bar of my blog:
Please respect the words and images on this blog - they're my own photos and words and subject to copyrights. Please contact me for permission to use them. I'm nice - I'll probably let you. Or, hey, if you want to purchase a high resolution version of these images send me an email. Thanks. Sara Harley © 2014

So....even though it's unacknowledged and unpaid....does this make me a professional photographer?  LOL!


TeresaA said...

its a great image and it's nice that they used it. But I would contact them about it. They should have asked permission and given you credit. You're not allowed to go and take their bread without paying even if you really like it.

Janet said...

I love that picture, Sara - but they should have asked AND cited you, the photographer! I agree with TeresaA, you should speak to them.

Thanks for the heads-up on the Bakery finally getting a website!!

Sara said...

I did contact them, and all has been resolved. The creator of the website thought that someone at the bakery took the photo. Photo credit has been given...yay!

Sybil said...

Lovely image. Very flattering but cheeky that they used it without permission in the first place. Glad it's all sorted out.