Monday, April 21, 2014

fox hunt

Yesterday, we had a visitor in our lower field...quite far from the house. I watched this guy for a while. He was watching me back. He paced around, did a quick little run, and so did I....for my camera. I took this from the backyard and was too far away to get a good photo. But it was glorious to see him.
Today, he was right on the other side of the fenced part of our yard. Can you spot him?

He was on the hunt for a meal.
And he wasn't about to let me take it from him!


Lisa said...

What a beauty

Viki Gaul said...

Cool….'love foxes' and hope you get to capture images close up in the near future. You might see babies too…wouldn't that make you day?…It was nice to see you at the Guild Annual Show on Saturday evening. Take care, Viki

Taos Sunflower said...

How wonderful; amazing that you caught him/her with a fresh catch.

Lorette Cole said...

How cool to have been around to snap that photo!!! Love it!