Thursday, April 17, 2014

change can bring good things

Sometimes we need a reminder that change can bring good things....even a little tweaking can bring big results. I made a blue and yellow abstract window a couple of years ago. It was for sale at a gallery in Musquodoboit Harbour for quite some time, but it didn't move. The gallery went out of business, and I brought the window home. I decided to add some inspirational writing to the frame of the window before taking it to a new gallery location (Sea Mist Studio in Mahone Bay).

The phases are my own:
"May the blue waves of the ocean wash away your worries.
May the yellow rays of sunshine warm the corners of your heart."
The window sold almost immediately.
I did something similar with this window, which I called "Out of Line" when I created it. Unlike my other windows, I created a background of linear glass. The flower was a contrast. In my mind, the flower was unique in a rigid environment. The window didn't sell. So...I decided to engrave the window with another inspirational saying that I wrote.
"Hope gives you strength to GROW.
GROWTH gives you COURAGE to
step out of line

And...voila...the window sold! (at Sea Mist Studio in Mahone Bay)

So now I have another problem. All my windows have sold and I have no inventory left. Time to get creating!


Sybil said...

What a wonderful dilemma !

I love your work both before and after Sara.

mickey johnson said...

ha ha!!! I'm glad I sold get to work!!! LOL!!! love ya!!! xoxox, mickey

Lisa said...

You do wonderful work.. and I love your cards also. :)