Wednesday, August 21, 2013

how Sara got her groove back

I feel I have spent the summer drifting aimlessly (yesterday's post definitely applies to me). I lost my enthusiasm for photography...I didn't make any "window art"....I had to force myself to plant a vegetable garden...I generally was not enthused about anything.

A couple of things happened this week to get me going again (I hope)...

First, I dropped of some window art last Friday to a friend in Mahone Bay who owns "La Bonne Vie". I also dropped off some of my new postcard sets. One of my windows sold in a day, and several of my postcard sets have already flown off the shelves. Nothing like some sales to get the creative juices flowing again! So far that has just meant going to my studio and looking at glass, but baby steps are okay.

Then yesterday John mentioned that there was a grasshopper on the deck. That wouldn't thrill most people, but I grabbed my camera.
Then I got on a roll...changed to my macro lens and got down to a grasshopper's eye level. For the first time in many months, I felt happy with my camera in my hands again.

did you know that grasshopper's have eyes that are half pink and half green? I didn't!
Here's hoping that Sara has her groove back!


Sara Jewell Mattinson said...

Gorgeous photos! I take photos of those huge "stitching spiders" that show up in August, with the yellow pattern on their black bodies and they see beautiful, not scary or gross, when you appreciate them like that.

Taos Sunflower said...

Glad your creative juju is slowly returning. It's such a bummer when those lulls hit. Your photos are great; I admit to not being fond of grasshoppers, but I warmed up to this little guy. Good catch.

Janet said...

Sorry to hear you hit a lull this summer, but it sounds like you've begun to dig yourself out! The grasshopper pics are fabulous - there's one there that looks like he's got his hand on his chin observing you :)

I have to get to the store in Mahone Bay - and I'm so glad you have you cards there (we have a friend coming in a month who loved the ones I have and I'll take him over so he can purchase). BTW - didn't comment yesterday, but the new cards are great!!! Love that dory pic - almost looks like a black and white with dories that have been 'painted' in!!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh so happy to have found your blog again, Sara. I participated in your Love From Me book a few years back. I've enjoyed browsing some of your window art and hope to learn a bit more about how you do those. I think they are absolutely stunning works of art! Your photos are just gorgeous too!

Sybil said...

Wonderful that you re-found your "groove".

I sometimes wonder if those dry spells are sent to help us appreciate the productive times ... sorta like the way winter makes us appreciate spring.