Thursday, May 16, 2013


I talked about a "Nova Scotia Postcard" project that I'm working on (collecting images of vintage Nova Scotia postcards to publish in a book). I received this postcard image of Acadia University in Wolfville from Mary M in Ireland (

Note the reference to the "new" stamps of the Queen! This postcard was mailed in 1953.

Do you have a vintage postcard of Nova Scotia that you would like to share with this project? Please send email front and back images of your card to:

me with SHAID manager Harold holding a $1500 donation receipt from Paws For Charity

I went to SHAID yesterday to make the first donation from my 2013 Paws For Charity Project...$1500! The project has sold 163 books (up from 127 books in 2012). Coming later in the year....Weekly Planners & Wall Calendars for 2014.

2nd place - Nature
One of my photos (shown above) won a 2nd place finish in the Nature Category of a print contest at Altantic Photo Supply.

And...looks like I'll be a little busier with the Bridgewater Photo Club for the next year or two...I'll be President of the club....I'm not sure whether congrats or condolences are in order :)


Janet said...

Congrats, Sara, on the photo finish, the election to president (love reading the photo club write-ups in the local paper), the fabulous donation for SHAID (and the news that the sales are up for Paws for Charity - looking forward to hearing more about the calendars coming for 2014) and the response you're getting for the postcard project.

Hmmm, I wonder if my mom still has the postcard I would have sent her back in '76 when I was at St. Ann's Gaelic College for 3 weeks of Highland Dancing. I'll have to ask her (she keeps everything).

Sybil said...

Oh wow Sara. If yours is the second place photo, I cannot imagine what the first place image could look like. That is such an awesome photo !

martha brown said...

I haven't found my postcards yet.... Congratulations on your awards in your photography club! (I'm a bit behind in my reading -- it's report card time, ugh) (hey! 4 weeks. I'll be there in 4 weeks. I'll see you in 6!)