Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Puppy Update

Life has been busy that I haven't taken nearly as many photos of the new pup as I usually would do. Here are a few photos from our second week with Charlie.

Charlie's first visit to Rissers Beach

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racing with Riley

enjoying the fenced yard

hanging out on the deck

first walk in downtown Halifax

"working" in the home office


Janet said...

Too cute, Sarah :) I've been waiting for puppy pictures. Looks like Riley and Charlie are getting on like long lost friends. And I love that last picture! How's Myrtle the Cat coping with the new addition?

TeresaA said...

adorable puppy and shots!

Sybil said...

A Wheaton and a Schnauzer ?

I love the pup with tail and ears not docked/cropped.

Wow you have a HUGE yard. They are lucky dogs Sara.

Amanda Pedro said...

busy times!
Hey, change your header picture. brrrrrrr!!!!!
How are the ticks this year? Everyone is complaining own here.