Monday, May 27, 2013

capturing a feeling

As part of my current tree project, I wanted to take photos of a clear cut. When I drive by an area that has been clear cut, I automatically feel my spirits plummet. I wanted to try to capture this feeling, but am not sure if I was successful or not. (I am constantly doubting myself which drives John crazy). The original photo didn't convey this feeling to me, so I tried using some post processing effects...something I don't do very often. Any thoughts? Maybe a stormy sky would help convey the mood better, but I am dealing with fluffy white clouds here....
original photo

square, black and white, "painterly" effect

square, sepia tone

rectangular, "Painterly Color" effect
I always find it interesting to hear what others think about my photos. Sometimes it makes me look at them differently, but most often I am stubborn about what I like best :)

So...please let me any of these photos work for you?


TeresaA said...

I think that b&w is the way to go. I would try a straight conversion and then play with the curves to get more contrast.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

The first photo does it for me. Because it's realistic in color, it puts me right in that spot. And yes, it makes my heart sink as well.

Sybil said...

The second and third seem most dramatic to me. The fallen trees in the the foreground seem more noticeable.

martha brown said...

I like the "colour" of the bottom one the best :)

Taos Sunflower said...

Here's my late vote: the B/W image.