Friday, May 10, 2013

Cape Sable Island

We take a drive Cape Sable Island a couple of times each year. It's in the south western part of Nova Scotia, and a lot of "locals" never take the drive down that way. We discovered a new beach this time..."The Hawk" which according to the sign is the southerly tip of Nova Scotia..a lovely, beautiful sandy beach. The tide was out, so it was great walking. The fog was in...which you can't really tell in these photos....and it made it a little creepy walking along, not knowing what we were walking to or seeing what we had come from!
a clump of daffodils growing quite far from the house by the beach...not sure if the house is inhabited or not

I always like to take a "family photo" which requires some setting up and running to and fro with the timer set

Charlie, with Riley in the background

seaweed, sand, and rocks

abandonned boats by a fish plant on Cape Sable


Sybil said...

All the to-ing and the fro-ing were well worth it. I love that family shot. The fog makes it that much more lovely. I love fog.

Another beach for me to explore.


Janet said...

Cape Sable Island is on our list of places to explore, Sara - maybe this year. Great pictures!!!

Amanda Pedro said...

you guys like to venture out. That's what it's all about eh? There are so many beaches down this way. I'm going to see how many we can visit this summer. Maybe blow up a map and put pins in it for the kids. Yes, i think I just talked myself into it. Thanks for that.:}