Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Two Trees - Take 2

Remember the photos of the two trees that I posted in March? (click here if you don't remember). Well, I have gone back there a couple of times to photograph them with different skies in the background. Here they are on a sunny day, with a crow flying low over the field.
There was a mottled sky early morning last week, so I hopped in the car with Riley (our Wheaten Terrier) and went over to take a couple of photos. I took this one...

...and as I was walking back to the car, a flock of birds flew over. I was at the wrong angle (as you can see) so one of the apple trees doesn't show up well against the background of trees. I walked back to my standard spot hoping that the birds would fly over again.

But the birds....a flock of pigeons...didn't budge from the telephone wires.

A man came out of the house across the street, and once he found out that I was hoping for the pigeons to take flight, he helpfully pulled off his cap and shouted "shoo! shoo!". That did the trick, and the birds took flight.
the pigeon wrangler - his bright orange cap will help you spot him

two ducks fly overhead while my pigeon wrangler works to get the flock of pigeons back in flight

The pigeons didn't fly exactly where I was hoping, but who can complain about minor details when someone is willing to help capture a photo?


Janet said...

The mottled sky looks to be brushing the tops of the trees - and it (the sky) looks alive (almost like the ocean). Love the pics, Sara :)

Patchmaker said...

The mottled sky add so much. How nice of the pigeon wrangler to help out!

Sybil N said...

I love the photos taken from the same spot through the seasons. You must keep it up.