Monday, March 18, 2013

Assignment 3

I'm a little behind in posting my assignment photos from my Creative Photography course. Assignment 3 was "Celebrating The Collective Noun".
For the next two weeks, whenever you're photographing, be on the lookout for collections of subjects - it could be feet, garbage cans, vegetables that look like faces, bicycles - you name it! Look for groups of items, and explore how they can be "celebrated" in an image. Feel free to repeat the assignment with as many collections of subjects that you can find.

During the two weeks I had for this assignment, our son was visiting and it was terrible weather. Both things dampened any thoughts of going outdoors to photograph, so I took photos of collections inside our home. The first thing I tackled was our son's bag. I love his collection of pins, but thought a photo of the bag was too boring.
So I took many photos of different groups of pins. I switched to my macro lens, and focused on the heart pins. My line of thought was that the having the heart pins in focus and everything else out of focus signified the "love" of the pin collection, without the distraction of reading all the other pins. No one at the class liked the photo and found that having the other pins out of focus was too frustrating.
I used the same technique with my second photo, so I spent most of the class worrying about showing my second example. 
But my insulators were a hit. Improvements suggested were to not crop so tightly across the bottom and the right hand side of the have the same space around all the sides of the insulators.

This was definitely not a favourite assignment for me. Thinking of ways to photograph collections is something out of my norm....which was a good excercise, but not something I'm going to do often!

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Anonymous said...

But it sure makes me want an insulator...again.
Lovely.. and interesting (the assignment I mean)