Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter

I have a little story about these birds which I'll post about early next week. Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Last night was the "Sight and Sound" competition at our photo club...a show that sets photos to music and/or narration. Last summer I spent a lot of time taking hummingbird photos, and I found a piece of music called "Hummingbird" voila, my sight and sound essay Hummingbird:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Assignment 4

This is my last week for the Creative Photography course I have been taking in Halifax, which reminded me that I have not posted our Assignment #4:

Doing It By The Numbers - For the next two weeks, every image must contain your assigned number; it can be numerical (ie, your number appears in an image), or it can be empirical (ie, your number is represented by a number of items in the photograph).

Can you tell what number I was assigned?

I changed this photo to black and white, because when I left it in colour, my eyes kept going to the green grass instead of to the trees. I wanted the trees to be where the focus was, so changed it to black and white to remove the distraction of the colour. Edited to add....Here is the colour version
same photo in colour

This photo was taken when we took a day trip to Shelburne with our granddaughter. The green sticks were a bonus!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Number 1 Best Seller!

The 2013 Paws For Charity book is number one on the Blurb Best Seller list!
If you purchase a copy (or lots of copies!) of our book before April 5, 2013, you can receive a 20% discount by using coupon code CSVIP.

Books can be viewed and/or purchased at this link:

Ebooks can be viewed and/or purchased at this link (the coupon does not apply to ebooks):

All proceeds from the sale of these books are donated to Sheltering Helpless Animals in Distress (, an animal shelter in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Assignment 3

I'm a little behind in posting my assignment photos from my Creative Photography course. Assignment 3 was "Celebrating The Collective Noun".
For the next two weeks, whenever you're photographing, be on the lookout for collections of subjects - it could be feet, garbage cans, vegetables that look like faces, bicycles - you name it! Look for groups of items, and explore how they can be "celebrated" in an image. Feel free to repeat the assignment with as many collections of subjects that you can find.

During the two weeks I had for this assignment, our son was visiting and it was terrible weather. Both things dampened any thoughts of going outdoors to photograph, so I took photos of collections inside our home. The first thing I tackled was our son's bag. I love his collection of pins, but thought a photo of the bag was too boring.
So I took many photos of different groups of pins. I switched to my macro lens, and focused on the heart pins. My line of thought was that the having the heart pins in focus and everything else out of focus signified the "love" of the pin collection, without the distraction of reading all the other pins. No one at the class liked the photo and found that having the other pins out of focus was too frustrating.
I used the same technique with my second photo, so I spent most of the class worrying about showing my second example. 
But my insulators were a hit. Improvements suggested were to not crop so tightly across the bottom and the right hand side of the have the same space around all the sides of the insulators.

This was definitely not a favourite assignment for me. Thinking of ways to photograph collections is something out of my norm....which was a good excercise, but not something I'm going to do often!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eagle Watch

I have been waiting to post these photos, because I didn't want to show them before the "Silent Essay" competition was held at our photo club. I used most of these in my Silent Essay. 

John and I head over to the Sheffield Mills Eagle Watch every year, which is held the last weekend in January and the first weekend in February. This was our fifth year, but my first year with my "big lens". I was in heaven! It took me five years, but I finally have photos that I'm happy with. Sometimes you just have to keep trying.

I seldom watermark my photos, but I did this time just in case someone "borrows" them.

If you want to watch my silent essay, you can click on this link and view it on YouTube:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013 Paws For Charity

It's here! The 2013 Paws For Charity book is ready! Click on the link below to view and/or order online. 

All proceeds from these book sales are donated to Sheltering Helpless Animals In Distress (, an animal shelter in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. If you order before April 5, 2013 you can get a 20% discount by using coupon code CSVIP when you order. 

There are 90 participants, and 226 images of dogs and cats in this book, available in soft and hard cover books as well as ebooks. (discount does not apply to ebooks). 

Thanks so much to all the 90 participants who generously donated the use of their images for this project! Last year the book made the best seller list on's hope we do it again this year!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Together We Stand

Today was dreary and overcast, but I had my camera with me while I was out and about. These two trees have caught my eye for quite some time, but I have never stopped to photograph them. Today was the day. The sky was almost the same colour as the snow, with a faint light highlighting the horizon. I think I know which one I like best....any opinion?
Together We Stand - Version 1

Together We Stand - Version 2
Together We Stand - Version 3

Together We Stand - Version 4

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Assignment #2

I have completed 3 of my 6 sessions in Creative Photography, but I'm a little behind in posting about it. I find the assignments fun, but at the same time quite challenging. Feedback about my photos has been mixed at both of the past 2 sessions. This assignment was called "Kicking the Ground Out". 

Here is the description of the assignment: For the next two weeks, your images may not have any "ground" in them - there must be no "bottom" or "foreground" or "foundation". This does not mean all photos have to be looking up, but each composition must have nothing on the bottom. Photograph as you normally do, but for EVERY image you seek to make, redesign the composition so it has no bottom.

Here is the first image I presented. I like working with shadows, and often notice them when I'm out and about with my camera. I manufactured this one. This was taken after a snowstorm we had a couple of weeks ago. The sun came out, and the snow was crunchy. There were harsh shadows where the wind had blown ridges of snow. I stuck a tulip in the snow and took quite a few shots from different perspectives. This one was my favourite, and although it actually is totally a picture of the ground, it does not have a grounding element.

This was my second image, and it one liked it. It passed the "no grounding element" test, but no one liked my composition. This photo was taken indoors. I placed a tulip in the vintage bottle and put it on a mirror. The petals all fell off the stem, and I decided that was kind of interesting, so I took the photo with the naked stem. The photo was taken in natural light, on a windowsill.

Suggestions to improve the image were to remove some of the flower petals so the image isn't so top heavy, and to include the full bottle and tulip stem along with the full reflection.

Assignment 3 coming up!