Thursday, January 31, 2013

eagles, aprons, and a thief

aprons in the window at The Tin Pan, Port Williams
John and I traveled over to Sheffield Mills on Tuesday to photograph the bald eagles. Every year, Sheffield Mills hosts the "Eagle Watch" over two weekends. We have learned that it's better to go during the week....fewer people and photographers, but just as many eagles :)

After the photo session, we headed over to The Tin Pan restaurant in Port Williams...a very small place with home cooked meals. We stop there whenever we're in the area.

I was thrilled about the photos I captured. I had two memory cards with photos, and got most of them transferred over to my computer. I left one of the cards on my desk to transfer the photos later....shouldn't have done that. Our cat is forever stealing things from my desk and even though my desk is behind closed doors, she managed to open the doors, steal the memory card, and take it to who knows where. Mostly she steals paper and business cards....I think she has a stash somewhere. Thankfully, most of the photos were on the other card. It's a crazy household, what more can I say!



Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Perhaps your cat was a crow in another life?

Love the new header picture!

Taos Sunflower said...

A cat burglar, no doubt...

Sybil said...

you are going to share the Eagle pics with us, aren't you ? How many did you see ? How early in the day did you go ?

I'm going this weekend. Now I'm wishing I'd gone earlier in the week but it was either too cold or raining like hell.

The missing memory chip makes me think of the Borrowers. They're probably using it as a cutting board or a table top.

Marcie said...

Love these aprons in the window. They remind me of hanging laundry!!