Saturday, December 22, 2012

dancing lights

Today we're having a party to celebrate a birthday. Actually, we're celebrating 3 birthdays. It started out as my annual gift to celebrate John's birthday...I cook him a "gourmet" dinner (well, as gourmet as I can handle) and we celebrate with our son G, DIL, and Miss M. This is a special gift from me to John, because John is the one who cooks 95% of our suppers. (I am a very lucky woman...he does lunches too!) One thing led to another, and we're celebrating 2 additional birthdays with special people we have met since moving to Nova Scotia. Life is good!

For the past few years, I have experimented with "painting with light" using the lights of our Christmas to do! The first one is for's as close to hearts as I could get.
this one is for John


Janet said...

cool effect, Sara. And a very Happy Birthday to John!!

BTW - I loved your pics on the last blogpost - they were so peaceful and, to me, they had an almost sepia effect!

Anonymous said...

I thought
"Ooo-oo Sarah's got a new banner. It's so nice. Wonder how long she's had it?" I was hoping I hadn't missed it before. Nope.
Love your lights.
Happy Birthday John.

Taos Sunflower said...

Best wishes to your light paintings.

Sybil said...

Love the heart one best. How creative you are.