Tuesday, November 20, 2012

recuperating nicely

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me over the past few weeks with kind thoughts. I have had one follow up visit with my eye surgeon, and am scheduled for another visit next Monday.

The first week was pretty grim, with me feeling sorry for myself most of the time. The good news was that I wasn't frustrated about not being able to do much because I simply didn't feel like doing anything! By the second week, I was feeling a bit better and there was a lot of progress with both how my eye felt as well as my eyesight.

I still have blurry vision, but my eye doesn't hurt any more. Yay! I still get tired, but I am able to work on the computer now and have even been out in the backyard with my camera. These frosty flowers were taken early in the morning a couple of weeks ago....not too long after my surgery. Even eye surgery can't diminish my desire to take photographs!