Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Cat's Meow

Recently, I took a drive down to Port Mouton to take a look around a couple of properties that a friend from Toronto is interested in. Looking at real estate is one of my favourite things to do, so I jumped at the chance. I took Myrtle (our cat) as a passenger....her first car ride since we brought her home from SHAID. She was great, and it was fun having her along. She was nervous at first, and meowed constantly, but quickly settled in. She didn't complain when I stopped along the way back home to take some photos. It was a dull day, but great to get out and about.
West Berlin

West Berlin

Port Medway
Port Medway - this building is for sale if you're interested!

shells at the end of East Port Wharf Road

view from the East Port Wharf Road


Sybil said...

I love old buildings but I suspect that that one needs more work than I could ever afford. Was it a store ? Love the cemetery in the background.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.
The end of East Port wharf Road is one of my favourite spots to sit and finish one of Nova Scotia's bargain ice-cream cones.
My those lobster traps look neat!

Taos Sunflower said...

Every time you post photos like these, I want to hop a flight and go for a road trip with you. You have such an eye for good photos. I love the old building next to the cemetery, but as your other comment noted, I'm afraid all I can see is dollar signs flying up into the air! I hope someone who loves it and can afford to save it does so.

martha brown said...

These are fabulous. You photos are the reason I'm dreaming so big :) I love that top one! And i love that Port Medway house by the cemetery.... For sale, you say? Hahahaha -- that one is definitley too much work! Thanks again :) ....