Sunday, September 9, 2012

shooting deer

Although we have managed to fit into country living in many ways, there are some ways that I'll never truly be a "country person". Since we moved to our country home, I have done things I never, ever would have thought I'd find myself doing...washing poop from guinea keet bums, becoming an expert on wood ticks, not running to change when someone drops by and I'm wearing sweats, pulling porcupine quills, rescuing birds...
I know there is the expression "never say never", but I truly believe that I could never shoot a deer. I love watching them graze in our fields.
Today I stalked them...with my camera.
Until this year, we had only seen one buck....injured as he labored across our field.

This year, there are 2 young bucks travelling with the same "family".

Notice the black marks on his back? I'm not sure what they are...any ideas? (they are not engorged ticks)
After a while, the deer had enough of their photo shoot and leaped away. I walked back across the fields and yet again thought about how lucky I am!


Lisa S. said...

I asked my husband who is a deer hunter and he said it looks like deer fibroma. They are some sort of skin growths that are like warts.

Taos Sunflower said...

My first husband was a hunter. I tried hard to want to like it and join him, but after killing one squirrel, I decided that since the grocery store is still an option for me, I'd hang up my rifle. I love the way you're shooting them...thanks.

Sybil said...

Wonderful images.

I've never hunted, but I find myself more sympathetic toward those that do -- assuming the animal killed is consumed. It seems so much better that the life of a "factory-farmed" animal. If we could see what what sort of life (and death) that critter on the styrofoam meat tray had, there might be more hunters -- or more vegetarians. :-)