Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dempsey Corner Market

On Tuesday we headed over to Kentville for an appointment, and then took a leisurely drive home. We found ourselves on Hwy 221 (don't let the word "highway" fool's a meandering 2 lane road). It was time to think about lunch, and John spotted a good prospect.
Dempsey Corner Orchards has a tea room, fruit and veggie market, gift shop, pick your own orchards, kids fun zone....and general all round appeal.
The lunch menu is small, but the food was delicious (we went for the crispy chicken wrap).

Lots of fresh fruits and veggies from the farm, and preserves, syrups, and oils for the cook.

The main floor and the upper loft are filled with items for the "Piece for Peace" gift loft...filled with crafts from the world's destinations that need lots of help.

After some browsing and shopping (I couldn't resist a hemp hat and a very special t-shirt...more on the t-shirt later) we sat down for lunch in the tea room.
the farm in earlier years

Lined up to come for a ride? These free range chickens are quite relaxed!

All in all, a great place for the whole family to stop. Good eye, John!


Anonymous said...

Excellent eye John! You know photo possibilities when you see them!
Love the hens waiting for the ride.
Re: the deer: Did you think the buck looked thin?
Stay dry in the next few days.

Sybil said...

I'll add this to my list of places to stop. It looks wonderful and welcoming.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nice lady,

Just found your blog about my back yard. It made me misty, honest to Pete (whoever Pete is). It is so strange to see my yard through someone else's eyes. We look so pretty and I never see it.
Thank you.
Allison owner DCO