Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Passionate Observer - Week 1

My first week as being A Passionate Observer went in fits and starts. Most of my time was spent at home, and I tend not to take photos of my every day life so I'll have to train myself a little bit in that respect. My photos from the week are randomly picked. The first photo is our little pack all getting treats from John...grabbed with my pocket camera. The rest of the photos seem to have a garden theme. I experimented a bit with shooting into the light and tried to pay more attention to the use of light in some of my photos.
Riley (Wheaten Terrier), Myrtle (cat), and Mulligan (Black & Tan Hound Mix) all getting their treats

details from a hanging basket at the Halifax Public Gardens

taking a photo of some window artwork in a the reflected women from the street

loved the line of tree trunks...this was a quick snap with a pocket camera as I was walking. Would have loved my "real" camera and some time spent here

hummingbird in our own garden

I like the bokeh in the photos of the hummingbird at the hollyhocks

hummingbird at rest on one of our hostas

can you feel the heat of the sun? it was 32 degrees (celcius, not farenheit!)

liked the shadows on this back lit hollyhock

flowers look good from the back too


Susan said...

Hi Sara - LOVE the city street shot with reflections-so much going on in this photo & such a great departure & addition to this week's collection.

Your hummingbird shots are lovely That second one is an absolute stunner) as are your back lit flowers ! I'm curious what your big camera is ? cheers Susan

Susan said...

ps I borrowed/posted one of your beautiful hummingbird shots on my blog today with a credit & link back to you - hope you don't mind. Hopefully my sunny side of the yard gardens will one day look like yours.

John said...

Almost every day for the past two weeks, I've had a hummingbird feeding at the beebalm flowers in my garden, which I can see from the kitchen window. Wanted to take a photo but didn't. Your photos encourage me to try.

karen said...

Wonderful photos! I love the hummingbirds.

Pat MacKenzie said...

I sooo love your photography. The hummingbird photos are really impressive.

Sybil said...

Had to Google "bokeh". What a wonderful word. That hummer shot is a lovely example of the word.

I need to go follow that "Passionate Observer" link ...

Moose said...

Hi Sarah.... love looking at your photos. You may remember us from Paws for Charity.... our hummers are humming here in Colorado too. Looking forward to seeing many more of your stunning photos over the next months. Tail wags...~moose

Word Weaver Art said...

The hummingbird photo is perfection!