Thursday, August 9, 2012

a ruff day

Yesterday morning started off in the usual way, but quickly changed from the regular routine. After feeding the pond fish, when heading back towards the house, I noticed Riley acting strangely at the back corner of the pond. She didn't come when I called (nothing new about that), but seemed quite interested in something at the edge of the pond. I thought it must be a frog, but went back to investigate. There was a dead bird submerged in the water. 

Back to the house for my gloves, a bag, and a shovel (the level of the water is quite low, so I thought a shovel would help retrieve the bird). Much to my surprise, the bird moved when I pulled him from the water. Now what to do? I took him to the deck, ran to get a towel, and wrapped him in the towel and held him to my chest. I didn't think there was much chance for him. His eyes were closed, and his beak was opening and closing like he was gasping for air. I kept changing the towel so that it would absorb the water from his feathers. Once the sun came out, I spread open the towel and took my finger and rubbed it up and down his back to get the circulation going. After about an hour, I put him in a low rise rubbermaid bin with the towel and a bit of water. After a few hours, he managed to sit up on his own. A couple more hours, and he hopped out of the bin. We had to leave to take Riley to the vet....when we returned, the dove was gone. Hopefully living happily ever after!
almost ready to fly again
Our visit to the vet was longer than expected. Riley's adventure with the porcupine two and a half weeks ago is still haunting us. She required a second surgery yesterday to remove a quill from her shoulder joint. They also cut her elbow open to explore the elbow joint but couldn't find anything. So, we are back to having a dog with stitches and on pain killers and antibiotics. Another round of vet visits comes next week. And the saga continues....


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Sara! What a sweet story about the dove. You are a hero.

Hoping Riley heals quickly.

Patchmaker said...

What a great dove story; I'm so glad you were there for her.

Poor Riley. She's having an awful time! Hope this was the last surgery and it's all behind her soon!

Taos Sunflower said...

That was one lucky dove to have landed in your pond. I love doves. Their faces seem to personify nothing but honesty and love. I guess, now that I say this, that's why they are the symbols of peace. DUH. Anyway...poor Riley. I hope things get better soon; well, all of you. It's hard when our pets hurt so and we can't help shoulder it for them!

Sybil said...

Happy for the dove.

Sad for your pocket book. ;-)