Friday, July 6, 2012


I struggled with this window for months, and put it aside time and time again while I created other windows. I actually started the window last November and finally finished it a couple of weeks ago. I still need to grout between the glass pieces, but I may just leave it as is. The frame is a creamy white. I kept the original paint, sanded it a bit, and varnished to leave it rustic. The black dots are actually opaque green, with a bit of an iridescent sheen to them. I'm still deciding whether or not to add grout between the glass pieces.
the frame is actually white, but shows black because the sun is coming from behind

the black dots are actually opaque green

the glue is still drying, and will dry clear - the background is very pale peach and iridescent glass


Sara Mattinson said...

It feels so good to complete a project that has been hounding you for months. Do you know what it was about this one that made you keep working at it instead of abandoning it? Congratulations - it's a beautiful piece of art.

Sybil said...