Wednesday, June 6, 2012

completely different

I've been reading a book called "The Practice of Contemplative Photography - Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes" by Andy Karr and Michael Wood. The whole concept is grounded in Buddhist teachings on perception and creativity. Familiar photographic principles and technical standards are thrown out the window. Orthodox and conventional photography are discarded in favour of fresh and simple images. In this approach, real creativity is based on openness and genuineness. 

The examples in the book are mostly very simple things, and the idea is that you make a photograph of what your eyes actually see, without adding any changes in perspective or using any software, etc to enhance or make it "better".

I found it quite interesting, and there are lots of exercises to do throughout the book to explain the principles. It's worth a read (especially if you pick it up at the local library!). The above photo is something I captured after reading the "Working With Light" chapter. 

From the website for The Miksang Institute of  Contemplative Photography: ( Miksang, at its most basic level, is concerned with uncovering the truth of pure perception. We see something vivid and penetrating, and in that moment we can express our perception without making anything up—nothing added, nothing missing. Totally honest about what we see—straight shooting.

If you want to see some examples of the photography, here is a link to a page with links to their student's galleries:


Marcie said...

I've read this book...have always found the concepts fascinating! Love the image. Great eye!

Sybil said...

I'm such a crappy reader when it comes to "how to" books.

The photo of the blinds is marvellous.