Sunday, May 6, 2012

what we did last week

We had some visitors last week, and they paid a heavy price for staying here. No, we didn't charge for the rooms, but we did make them work! Our son Cody flew in from Toronto, and son, DIL, and granddaughter from Halifax all helped with fence building. Ever since we lost our dog Cassie, we have been keeping the dogs tied when outdoors. Thanks to an absolutely exhausting 4 1/2 days of work, we have an area fenced in and the dogs (and us!!) have freedom. Aren't families wonderful? Hugs and kisses to our great kids (and grandkid)!
the work crew

the back gate

we believe in child labour

typical work crew - one worker and 4 supervisors

our first line of posts

the final stretch of posts ready for hole digging

the driveway gate

saying goodbye to being tied up


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful vacation!!
We had a great time!
Lots of love,