Thursday, May 17, 2012

down the garden path

We moved to Nova Scotia four years ago, and are going through our fifth spring. Time sure does fly. Every spring, I have envied the many yards that have a red flowering shrub...they are quite common around here. One year, I mistakenly bought an azalea (but no flowering shrub is actually a mistake!). Then, last fall, I found out what the shrub is actually called....a quince. So, I've been on the hunt this spring and found some at a small garden centre called One Sky Now. ( It was my lucky day in more ways than one...
notice the ears in the window

They have miniature donkeys at One Sky Now, and a baby had been born just the day before. "Annie" had a son, who has been named "Alice" (after Alice Cooper). I took some photos but was quite disappointed with them when I got home. I had the wrong settings for low light, and all the photos were blurry. These are the best two photos. I generally don't do any post processing, but I did play up the old fashioned feel with the bottom photo. Notice the ears in the window of the first photo? The donkey outside let out a huge braying bellow...irritated about being left out I guess!
the one day old son is almost as big as his mom!

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Sybil said...

Love the ears in the window ! Glad you pointed them out.