Saturday, May 19, 2012

Early Evening Laundry

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we'll be dropping off three windows to The Tourist Trap in Musquodoboit Harbour tomorrow. This one is called "Early Evening Laundry" and is the 2nd window in my Laundry Series. Sometimes it's hard to say good-bye to my windows. This one is one of the toughest for me to let go.
Early Evening Laundry - May 2012

the clear glass is iridescent - shown here with the light coming from the front

I'll be sad to say good-bye to this one!


Karen said...

So then perhaps keep it!... it's beautiful.

Taos Sunflower said...

I love how you made the clouds and water and grass have so much motion. And not that you asked, but I'm with Karen...if you love it that much, it should be yours.