Thursday, April 5, 2012

woodpecker captured by camera in our rock island
Nothing much going on these days....just pecking away at a few things (couldn't resist)

I have finished cutting, putting together, and gluing two window commissions. I'm waiting for the glue to dry a bit before I grout and photograph them. I'm really, really happy with one of them and am not so sure about the other one. The one I'm not sure about is someone else's vision...she gave me a drawing of what she wanted and I always worry that when someone has a very clear vision of what they want, they are very likely to feel disappointed if the final product is not exactly what they had in mind. I am trying not to worry about it, and have almost squashed the trepidation.

I continue to have fun with my new camera lens, but haven't been out too much because the weather has been cold and dreary.

Our guinea fowl were finally released from their coop yesterday after a long winter and were free range for the day. When I went to put them into the coop for the night, there was one less guinea and hundreds of feathers covering the ground. Some kind of wild life was well fed yesterday (our fox or one of our hawks, I wonder?) Hopefully the guineas get a bit smarter very quickly.

My Paws For Charity Project is going far, 90 books sold. I have been busy putting together listings for greeting cards in the Paws For Charity Etsy Shop. Some of the artists purchased cards and greeting cards, and donated a portion of them for me to sell and raise a few more dollars for Sheltering Helpless Animals In Distress ( I was interviewed by our local newspaper last week, and an article will likely be in next week's paper.

My poor little Flat Stanleys have been bored out of their minds, so we're hoping for a sunny day on the weekend when we can get out and show them around.


martha brown said...

The kids are still enjoying your previous Stanley post! I'll be helping someone with some writing or some math, then all of a sudden I'll hear your guinea fowl. Really loud. they think it's hilarious when I say "Turn those fowl down!" I think that Ontario must be getting all of the sunny weather. Your beautiful sunny weather is waiting for me! Oh, sorry, that's a long wait. It can come sooner.

Sybil said...

Looking forward to seeing the two new windows.

Never fear, warmer weather is on its way next week.

Pat MacKenzie said...

I love your woodpecker picture - so clear and bright. Do you ever make windows modelled after your photos? That would make a lovely one.