Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flat Stanleys visit a wharf

Today's adventure with our flat visitors took us to Bush Cove, where we learned a little bit about lobster fishing. Our first photograph was taken next to the lobster traps. You must have a license to fish for lobsters, and you must use a trap.On the South Shore of Nova Scotia, lobster season is from late November or early December until May.
Ms Flat , Flat Chris, Flat Luke, and Flat Stella visit Bush Cove
Here are some buoys. Each lobster boat has their own colour of buoys to mark where their traps are.
An old anchor is decoration by the private wharf:
The wooden lobster traps are the original kind of trap used. The rectangular wire traps are the newer kind. Some lobster fishermen are starting to use the wooden traps again because they are easier to fix.
Here is William holding Flat Luke and Ms Flat, and Simon holding Flat Chris and Flat Stella. The boat behind the boys is called "Simon's Pride" and is named after Simon.

Here is a short video about lobster fishing for our flat visitors to share with their class:

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Anonymous said...

Wonder how much it would cost to fed-ex me to Sarah's? But then I eat too much. Those flat people must be the best house guests!!!
You're awfully good hosts, too.