Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flat Stanleys Visit Fort Point

Flat Stella, Flat Chris, Flat Luke, and Ms Flat made a visit to Fort Point. They all tried to imagine that it was 1604, and they looked out to the ocean to see Samuel de Champlain standing on a ship waving to them. He made lots of maps and he helped the people who lived in Europe understand more about the "new land". Champlain didn't stay long, but he helped King Louis XIII choose this site to be the First Capital of New France.

There are lots and lots of lighthouses in Nova Scotia. The original lighthouse at Fort Point helped passing ships from 1876 until it was torn down in 1954. The lighthouse guided great four-masted sailing ships in and out of the LaHave River. Loaded with lumber, fish, and other goods, they delivered their cargoes to merchants in New England, the West Indies, Europe, even as far away as New Zealand.
In 1632, a fort with 25 cannon was built. These cannons are at the museum to show us what the cannons might have looked like.
The fort was destroyed by fire in 1654 and lay in ruins for many generations. The stones that the fort was made of got taken away and now there is a museum to help us understand how life used to be.

There are apple trees at Fort Point. In 1701, Simon Denys de Bonnaventure wrote that he had drunk cider made from the fruit of apple trees.

Just past this apple tree is a path leading to a small beach. It has lots of stones, and is a great place to beach comb for beach glass. Flat Stella, Flat Luke, Flat Chris, and Ms Flat all found a piece of beach glass to take back to Toronto!

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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I lived across the road from the beach (highway side) for 18 years; and yes, much of my beach glass collection came from here. I love this place!