Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flat Stanleys take the ferry

Today our Flat Stanley visitors are crossing the mightly LaHave River!
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No...they are not going to swim! They are going to take the ferry.

Ms Flat, Flat Chris, Flat Stella and Flat Luke wait for the ferry

a view of the cable with the ferry in the distance. The ferry has just left the other side.
can you see the cable in the water in front of the ferry?
the ferry arrives, lowers the ramp, and the cars drive off
the cars are all loaded, and the ferry heads out
The Brady E. Himmelman is 27 metres long and 12.8 metres wide and can carry 14 full-size cars. The ferry was named after Captain Himmelman, who carried on a family tradition of ferrying across the LaHave River. He retired in 1982.
a view of the LaHave Bakery from the ferry...this is where the Flat People ate lunch

Flat Chris, Flat Luke, Ms Flat, and Flat Stella....don't fall in!!

in front of the cable that pulls the ferry across the river

Flat Chris, Flat Luke, Ms Flat and Flat Stella....please keep off the rail!!
arriving at the other side of the river
And now the flat people are off on their next adventure. Where will they go?


Janet said...

I'm loving the Flat People's Adventures, Sara! Even though I live here - and take the ferry almost 3 times a week - I can't get enough of the beautiful place I now call home!

Can't wait for their next day out :)

martha brown said...

Love the LaHave Ferry (and eating the yummy baked goods while I'm on it :) Is there still an arts/ crafts store attached to the bakery? Is Gloria down the street still doing her funky paintings? Just planning and dreaming about my trip.......
p.s. the Flat friends look like they ar having a super time -- they are still smiling (and no one has fallen in yet :)

Taos Sunflower said...

Wow...if I ever get to visit, I want the "Stanley Tour"!