Monday, April 16, 2012

Flat People Go To The Beach

"I'm Bored" said Flat Chris.
"There's nothing to do" said Ms Flat.
"I'm tired of the guineas" said Flat Luke.
"I want to go to the beach" said Flat Stella.
Flat Chris, Flat Stella, Flat Luke and Ms Flat visit Crescent Beach
There are a lot of beautiful beaches on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. "Which beach should we visit?" said Sara. "Let's go to a beach with lots of sand!" all the Flat People shouted. So that's what we did!
Crescent Beach is a 2 km long, crescent-shaped beach in Lunenburg County. It has very white sand, and is lots of fun to walk and play on.

We made sand castles, and looked for sea shells. Sometimes you can find sand dollars on the beach, but not today.
Lots of people walk their dogs on the beach, and go windsurfing in the water.

And you can do something at Crescent Beach that you can't do on very many beaches in Nova Scotia. You can drive on the beach!
We had lots of fun at the beach! Where do we go now? 
"I'm hungry" said Flat Luke.
"Me too" said Flat Stella.
"Let's eat" said Flat Chris.
"What's for lunch?" asked Ms Flat.

"Stay tuned" said Sara.


Taos Sunflower said...

What a great Flat people adventure!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I would think lunch would consist of flapjacks or flatbread! Fun post.

martha brown said...

I'm always hungry after a day at the beach. The Flat friends in Australia went to a lovely cafe in Sydney and had waffles with ice cream and Belgian chocolates!