Thursday, March 15, 2012

There's No Place Like Nova Scotia

I belong to a photography club, and every year there is a "Sight and Sound" competition. In a nutshell, you take a bunch of your photographs and add some music. In reality, it's tons of work. Every year, I wonder what music to use. Way back....last summer...I heard a song on Stan Carew's weekend morning show on CBC. I contacted Stan by email to find out the name of the group that sang the song, and he emailed back telling me it was sung by The G3s.

I did a search online, found a contact and sent off an email with fingers crossed. Geof Turner from the G3s was fabulous, and agreed to let me use their music, and even arranged for his mother in law to deliver it to me on cd!

The song "Farewell to Nova Scotia" is very well known around here. The G3s revised the song lyrics to make it a more uplifting tune, and the result is "There's No Place Like Nova Scotia".

This is the result of my photographs set to There's No Place Like Nova Scotia by The G3s. Thanks Geof!

 If you'd like to watch it on Youtube, here is the link:

A little plug for the G3s...if you'd like to purchase their song, it's available here.:


martha brown said...

Beautiful, Sara !

Taos Sunflower said...

Sara: That's beautiful. The music is, indeed, perfect. I would think the G3s will be very proud to be part of it. PS I want the farmhouse on the hill overlooking the water...sigh...

Janet said...

First - good luck with the 'Sight and Sound' competition.

Second - this is amazing, Sara. I love the new lyrics (the old ones were rather drab and depressing) and your pictures tie in beautifully with the words.

Great job :)

Janet said...

Hope you don't mind, but I Tweeted a link to here and to the youtube video!

Patchmaker said...

Lovely, Sara; thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great job!!

Sybil said...

I love Nova Scotia too !

Moved here three years ago -- can't imagine living anywhere else now. said...

Bravo - well done

Lynne said...

Sara, now that we have high-speed we can play internet videos. This one is really fabulous! Love how your pics are in sync with the lyrics.

Geof Turner said...

Thanks so much for using our song.You did a fantastic job and we are proud to be associated with your work!!

We have approached the province to see if they would use our song in future tourism ads, time will tell.

We are starting a new musical project , so keep an eye out for the Wilcatts !!

Once again , thanks for including us and best of luck in your competition !!!