Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here are a few photos from the past few days. The weather is up and down...warm one day...cold the next.
frozen paw prints from early morning walks

early morning sun over the house...brrrr....looks cold

play time for Myrtle and Riley

DIL and I went to an auction on Saturday. The first part was outdoors, on location....and what a location! Here is the view looking from the house across to Lunenburg. The second part was indoors at the Lunenburg Fire Hall. We bought some big items at the outdoor auction so we made a phone call to "the boys", who were requested to bring the trailer to pick up our treasures.
Lunenburg harbour

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful, which led to our first BBQ of the year. It wasn't quite so warm when we got around to actually BBQing, so I am bundled up while John is busy cooking our steaks. Yum!
basking in the warm (?) late day sun with Mulligan

this is how I make dinner...drink wine while John cooks


Taos Sunflower said...

I just love your pets' names. Your photo of Lunenburg harbor is making me want to come back. PS I like your cooking style.

Janet said...

THE best way to cook dinner, Sara :)

I saw the ad for the auction and then promptly forgot all about it. Sounds like it was a good one - sorry I missed it.

Love the 'play' picture - although Myrtle looks like she's having a nap and using her 'stuffie' as a pillow!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What a perfect way to cook!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Will we be seeing the treasures you bought at the auction ? hope so. I love the picture of you all bundled up with your wine. We had a few couple of nice days here also.

Anonymous said...

Love your recipe for good food!
Is this the Joy of Cooking Vol.11 ? Judy

Pat MacKenzie said...

You really must enjoy barbeque if you're willing to sit out all bundled up while cooking. I love your little calico cat - she looks like one we used to have that I just found a picture of among my negatives.