Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flat Stanely Project - On The Farm

We spent our first day with Ms. Flat, Flat Stella, Flat Luke and Flat Chris at home on the farm. First, we introduced them to our dog Riley and our kitten Myrtle. Myrtle loves Riley and they play and sleep together. Our other dog Mulligan was busy sleeping.
Our flat visitors meet Riley and Myrtle
We decided to go outside to take a look around. Ms.Flat, Flat Stella, Flat Luke and Flat Chris sat on the swing and looked at the BIG backyard. Sometimes we can see fox and deer and hawks in the backyard, but not today.
Our flat visitors take a swing in the big back yard
Most homes in the country use a laundry line instead of a dryer to dry their clothes. Our flat visitors hung out on the line for a little while, blowing in the wind. Mmmmm....those clothes sure smell nice when they come back inside!
hanging out on the clothes line
Our flat visitors took a turn on the apple tree swing. In the spring time, there are lots of blossoms on the apple trees and you can hear all the bees buzzing when they are collecting the pollen from the blossoms. In the fall, you can look up when you're swinging and see all the red apples. When you're done swinging, you can reach up and pick an apple right from the tree. Crunch, crunch...yum, yum. The apples are very good, and we can make applesauce with them too.
swinging in the apple tree
But the most exciting adventure in the yard was when Ms. Flat, Flat Luke, Flat Chris, and Flat Stella visited the guinea coop. In the summer time, the guineas are not cooped up and they walk around the yard eating bugs. Baby guineas are called "keets" and they need to stay inside until they are six weeks old, in a place that is dry and warm.
meeting the guineas at the coop
Guinea fowl originally came from Africa. Lots of people who live in the country in Nova Scotia have guineas to eat ticks and other bugs.
Guineas can be loud and they make lots of noise when something new is going on, or if they are frightened. Some people say they are like watch dogs.
We try to get the guineas back inside their house before dark. Sometimes they don't want to go inside, so they sleep way up high in the trees.
We took a little video so you can hear the guineas. They are being very quiet right now.
It was a very exciting day on the farm. Our next trip will be to the beach!


Janet said...

I am loving the Flat Stanley Project, Sara! I bet the Flat Stanleys slept well last night after all that fresh air. And have you ever considered writing a children's book? Fabulous job - and I love the look on Riley's face ;)

Patchmaker said...

I love the Flat Stanley Project too. Myrtle looks to tiny next to the Flat Family.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

I love this. My daughter's friend Kim has a Flatty Kim and I'm so excited when I see she's posted a Flatty Kim adventure. Hope to see more of yours.

Taos Sunflower said...

I want to come and have the same tour...what fun!