Friday, March 30, 2012

eyes of a hawk

On Wednesday I was puttering in the backyard, looking at the hopeful signs of spring in the garden. I heard a strange bird sound that I had never heard before. I looked towards the sound, which was coming from our "rock island" (a huge pile of rocks in the centre of the field, picked by hand and moved by oxen team by the "old timers"...according to our neighbour). The sound was coming from a hawk. Another hawk swooped in, landed in the tree next to the first hawk, and flapped his wings while the first hawk continued to make this strange call. I assumed it was some kind of mating ritual and I was thrilled, and of course, dashed into the house for the camera (all set up on the tripod with the new lens just waiting for a moment like this).
And, of course, by the time I got back outside one of the hawks was flying away. The first photo is the hawk that flew away. The bottom 2 photos are the other hawk, who had stayed put but moved when it saw me out and about with the camera. More proof of why I love living in the country!

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