Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Abstract In Blue

My second commission this year...a woman ordered an abstract in blues, and is planning to give this window to her husband for a birthday gift. The first photo shows the window before the grouting stage. The window frame is actually white, but it shows black here because I'm taking a photo facing the sun.
here is the window before the grouting stage
The grouting stage is always a leap of faith for me. I have learned (from a glass group on flickr.com) to tape the edges of the window before adding the grount. Duh. Sometimes I just don't think of the obvious things that might make things easier. I used to add the grout without taping the insides of the frame, and then I would need to add another coat of paint after I grouted. Now I add painter's tape before I grout, and it save a LOT of time.

the grouting process is always a leap of faith for me
Covering up the glass with black grout makes my heart pound, and gives me a lot of anxiety! I have learned to have faith that it will all work out in the end. In the above photo, I have started to wipe the grout off on the bottom of the window.One time I grouted a window, and forgot to go back and wipe off the grout while it was still damp...let me tell you, it was a huge amount of work to get the grout off the glass (and it was a commissioned piece, so I couldn't just dump it!)

the final product with the light shining through
I just love the look of coloured glass with the light shining through!
shown here with the light coming from the front...can you see the iridescent glass and the textures?

another photo showing the textured and iridescent glass
Two more commissions to do (yay!), then I hope to get at a list of windows I have on my mind to create!


martha brown said...

This one is particularly stunning, Sara!

Patchmaker said...

Yes, stunning!

Taos Sunflower said...

That's truly gorgeous. The iridescent glass is a nice touch. PS I'm still looking for those initials...LOL