Friday, February 24, 2012

excitement in Broad Cove

We took a little drive down to Broad Cove on Wednesday. There is a small beach there, and a road called Bear Trap Road...more like a very rough lane wide enough for just one car. We came across 3 women walking 2 dogs. Riley decided she'd like to join them, and launched herself out the car window. We were moving at a snail's pace, so she was not hurt. After a moment of panic, I jumped out of the car to try to catch her. The three women were frightened of our little ball of fluff, and no wonder! Not too many dogs throw themselves out of car windows just for fun. After a hurried reassurance that she was quite friendly, I went to capture her (because of course she is not well trained, and definitely will not come when called when there are more exciting things to do!). Thankfully, nature called, so she stopped to listen and I nabbed her. Too much excitement for a relaxing drive. Windows rolled up higher, we continued on our way and the women got back to their walk.


Janet said...

Yikes! So glad everyone was fine after all the excitement - and you managed to corral Riley! I hear you about dogs that have their own minds (my way of saying 'untrained', because we have one of those - we always say shetrained us well)!

Broad Cove is so beautiful - and you had a perfect day for it yesterday. Have you eaten at the little cafe there? Only open during the summer months, I believe!

Anonymous said...

Glad Reilly's fine.
We'll think of that little adventure when we walk there next summer.
Thnx for the beautiful shots