Friday, January 27, 2012

taking a self portrait

my arm is twisted to keep my shoulder back...right hand is holding the remote
Every meeting, our photo club has a couple of "competitions" where anyone who is interested can enter some photos into competition under certain themes. This week, one of the themes was "Portrait". I did have some people lined up to take portraits, but it fell through when the family got sick. So, one day last week when John went into town, I set up an area to take some self portraits. Easier said than done! I set the camera on a tripod, and set it to take photos using my remote...added a sheet as a backdrop, a light to the side, and used a window for some soft lighting on the other side. Then I grabbed my "props", willing volunteers??? pose with me. One hundred and twenty five photos later (125!!! thank goodness for digital), I had a couple of usable shots. Because I couldn't focus the camera using the remote, there was a lot of slight shifting for each press of the remote, hoping to get something in focus. These are some of the out-takes:
Riley is getting tired of posing

whoops! the camera must have shifted

a new guinea pig...seems I can't be ready even when I'm the one taking the photo!

Myrtle says photo session is over

looking irritated with the whole thing

finally got a good one!


Janet said...

Even with Myrtle looking irritated, that's a good one with her over your shoulder.

The one with you and Riley? Priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

YES you did!
I wouldn't even have had the smarts to have a dark background.
So interesting.
Thanks Sarah.

Sybil said...

Last one is best, but I do like the angry cat over shoulder shot too.

Karen said...

That last one is perfect! You both look maaavelous.

TeresaA said...

it was a great shot Sara! And I love the out takes.

Kaaren said...