Friday, January 13, 2012

a little side trip

John and I headed over to Kentville on Wednesday for our follow up visits with our surgeon. We had an unexpected wait since the surgeon got called into emergency surgery, and after several hours finally got back on the road for a little bit of a tour.
interesting road sign
We headed to Black Rock Road, so I could dream about a little cottage we had taken a look at a couple of years ago...John's practical side ensured the process got no further than a look...he says he is my anchor, but really he is a good sport at letting me go a little wild with my dreaming sometimes.
We went through Harbourville and I found a restaurant (closed) that I want to get back to in warmer weather. I imagine some awesome fish and chips can be found there.

high and dry

Down a few back roads, we ended up in Morden.
along the coast in Morden
I've always had a thing about old churches. I did take some photos of the whole church, but like the details better.
church detail - Christ Church, Morden
Our little tour ended in Morden. It was getting late in the day, and we had to head back.
window reflections


Janet said...

Sara - you need to do something with that second picture - it looks like a painting - the composition, the colors - beautiful!!

Haven't been to Harbourville or Morton, but they're on my list for next summer's excursions - thanks for sharing :)

Sybil said...

Sara, what is the story on that road sign with the "sea monster" ? Where exactly is it ?

I love stopping to look at old and abandoned churches and buildings.