Thursday, December 15, 2011


I think of my parents every time I see an amaryllis. I remember having them in my childhood home every Christmas. Both my parents passed away many years ago, but I try to plant an amaryllis every year to remind me of them at Christmas time. This year I was really excited to find an "Orange Sovereign"...I love orange and don't remember ever seeing an orange amaryllis before. I still haven't...this one is definitely looks red to me!


Karen said...

I love them, wonder why I don't pursue getting on every year.

Nice reminder of your parents - I see a window in your future?

Anonymous said...

Love the decoration at the base. Mine isn't out yet. I think I like the anticipation of's like Christmas,

Beautiful lighting by the way.

aliceinparis said...

I love em too. Mine is almost at the blooming stage. I think it is going to be white and pink, I cannot remember which one was on the box! This year, I have two stems growing! They are so dramatic and showy:)