Tuesday, November 8, 2011

excitement in purgatory

Our screened in porch is called "Purgatory" (and even has the sign to prove it). It's a good story that you are bound to hear if you ever come to visit us. We did have an unexpected visitor today, but she wasn't interested in hearing the story.
maybe she flew in after seeing the snack bar sign
This female ruffed grouse flew through one of the screen doors and perched in the rafters...gave me quite a fright when I walked out the door to go feed our guineas! We were in a rush this morning (today was the day I got my stitches out), but we had enough time to prop open both doors to the porch, in hopes that she would be able to make it out on her own.
Four hours later (after the trip across to Kentville to see my surgeon, and a side trip on the way home to inspect a 115 year old schoolhouse that's for sale...alas, a story for another time)...we arrived home and the grouse was still in Purgatory (by this time, she would probably think it was an apt name for the porch). However, she was startled by John's appearance, and shot out of the door in a loud burst of flight.
We'll have to repair one of the screen doors, but it's nice to have a happy ending!

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