Thursday, October 6, 2011


A special note to Pat Mac: Thanks so much for ordering a calendar...glad to hear it arrived safely and you like it. I can't respond to your comments because there's no email attached, and I have no idea why...but blogger won't let me leave a comment on your blog. (I've tried many times before as well...I have this problem with many blogs)

This is one of the prints from my calendar. Someone told me they thought it was depressing, but I don't see it that way.
I received an order for this print from my etsy shop a month or so ago. She also sent me an email explaining why she purchased it. It was very thoughtful of her to do's so nice to hear why people think your artwork is inspirational. Here's what she said:

"It's a gift for my father.

My family bought him a row boat for his 60th last year but he only gets to play in the summer months. It's his most favourite thing in the whole world (next to us of course).

Last September he was diagnosed with cancer and two months later, slipped on the ice and tore his shoulder. The message came to him loud and clear. He picked up his oars and took control of his life- started green juicing, meditating, went all veg, started a supplement program and now, nearly a year later all is in remission- and he's in the process of retiring from advertising- so he can spend more time up at the cottage rowing his boat. He had surgery on his shoulder in April, has been doing his physio work and was able to be back in his boat rowing again this summer.

The message, on your print... well it seemed this was meant for him :)"

So, whatever inspires you, I hope you can picture it in your mind and can visit there whenever you need inspiration. Something that's easier said than done.

2 comments: said...

that gave me goosebumps - how wonderful for you, for the person who purchased, and the recipient - Nancy LeB in Braeshore NS

Pat MacKenzie said...

Hi Sara. I've been having trouble with people posting to my blog so I changed the comment form to the pop up one and it seems to work better. There are still a few blogs that I can't comment on though. Very frustrating.

I like the rowboat message...not at all depressed by it.