Thursday, August 4, 2011

nightime adventures

Sometimes the most amazing adventures happen right at home. On Tuesday night, I was out with the dogs for their before bedtime excursion and I heard the oddest sound. The dogs were listening to it too, but didn't seem bothered by it. I put the dogs inside and went back out and tracked down the source of the sound. It was an owl. (and, no, he wasn't was a strange whining sound that he repeated over and over). I ran back inside to tell John and grabbed my camera. The combination of a very dark night and no tripod resulted in some blurry photos, but you can vaguely see his shape in the tree.
We feared for our four grown guineas, who roost in the trees at night. But the next morning, they were all still marching around so the owl didn't dine on guinea. We probably scared him off by shining the flashlight at him for so long!
I hear many owls at night "who who"ing, but this is our first exciting!

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Pat MacKenzie said...

You're lucky to have an owl in your back yard. They're one of my favorite birds.