Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just be


Heather T. said...

Love it, Sara!!! Mmmmhhhhmmm.

Pat MacKenzie said...

Beautiful words, awesome photo.

Sara said...

Hi Pat,
I've tried to leave comments on your blog a couple of times, but blogger keeps me on an endless "sign in" cycle and I can't log the comment. don't have a "reply to" email on your comment so I can't reply either.
Just in case you pop back in, here's my comment on your recent tour:
Thanks for the great tour....we love doing this too. Love the little cottage, but the commute would be too far :)
The abandonned homestead would make a lovely painting. And...thistles are not weeds at our place...I have a Scottish heritage and have a thistle on my wedding ring.

Nancy said...

I love this!

MT Owens (Maidstone, Saskatchewan) said...

I live in the flat dry lands of Saskatchewan.. Seeing your pictures of Nova Scotia bring great memories from the last time I went out (years ago) to visit my mom!
Really beautiful, feels like I'm right there in Church Point singing with my mom again.

Thanks for sharing