Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 Sheets to the Wind

I started this window months ago, but kept putting it aside to work on other window projects. I finally finished it on Saturday, and the glue is in the drying stage...the sky will dry and will be a mixture of clear blue as well as clear glass with white swirls. John named this one "3 Sheets to the Wind" in reference to the 3 sheets on the clothesline. (which don't show up well in the full photos, but there is a detailed photo below)
I'm not going to add grout to this one. It measures 29 inches wide by 24 inches high....larger than the windows I've been doing recently. I love the way it turned out...it looks glorious when the sun is shining through it!

doesn't it throw a nice shadow?

detail of house and clothesline

detail of sailboat


Lynda said...

That is absolutely lovely. I am always so impressed by people who can do the sort of thing you can do, as I can't. I can make decent scones, but they don't look so nice hung up in the window.......

Anonymous said...

Very unique.. and folky. I'd think Newfoundland, but they'd never get a tree to grow so big on the shore. May-be Lower Argyle N.S. It's just lovely!! The title is perfect.

Nancy said...

I love it Sara!!!