Monday, July 25, 2011

Window Display

The Growing Green Festival was held in Bridgewater on Saturday. Friday evening was spent at the library hanging windows. Well...John hung windows...and I stood around and watched.
Then someone came along and suggested that one of the windows might be seen better in another location. John...being the wise man that he is...said nothing...climbed back up on the desk to remove the recently hung window...and rehung it in a new location.
The Festival is over, but the windows will be hanging in the library for 5 weeks.


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

absolutely beautiful! adds such a wonderful touch of cheer! xo, mickey

TeresaA said...

great additions to the library! Congrats!

Heather T. said...

Sara, I love your windows!! I saw some that I found very unique, in our local Veterinary Clinic and they made me think of you....but I forgot to share them with you, until now.

You can see them, here

Janet said...

Drove back from Lunenburg last evening - over the old bridge and stopped at the light waiting to turn left for home. Had a fabulous view of your windows in the library. They are lovely, Sara :)

Elnora Turmelle said...

Oh! Those are from old windows, right? Hehe, that's very clever. And they're quite pretty! They all look so wonderful attached to the bigger windows and they're a great addition to that library.