Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summerville Beach

As I mentioned yesterday, we visited Summerville Centre on Sunday afternoon, and had a lovely meal at The Quarterdeck Grill. You just can't ask for a better location. Here are the views from the restaurant. We were literally right over the ocean. View to the left: (looking eastward)
a fine view to dine by
And here is the view directly underneath us...the tide was coming in while we ate, and these rocks were covered by ocean by the time we finished lunch:
we ate just above the ocean floor
And here is the view to the right, looking westward....Summerville Beach is a mile long beach of soft white sand:
Summerville Beach...a mile of white sand
Looking for somewhere to stay when you visit Nova Scotia? Consider these villas:
the villas are available to rent daily or weekly, in season and off season
We took a tour inside one of the 2 level, 2 bedroom suites. All I can say is "gorgeous". And I must add that I have not been paid (or received any compensation) to blog about this!

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Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

gorgeous views indeed. i am afraid i might forget to eat as i would be carried away with my imagination and that scenery.