Tuesday, July 12, 2011

rock on

I mentioned my $5 rocking chair auction purchase in yesterday's post, but I didn't post a photo. (this one's for you Janet!)
rocking chair auction purchase -  $5!
It's a little rough, but I plan to use it in Purgatory (our screened in porch) or up in my studio.
the back is a little beat up
I have been pondering whether to leave it as is (perhaps varathaning the arms...I love the worn look and sense of history the worn arms give) or whether to sand and paint it.
it came with a foam seat, but I threw it out and will replace it
I'm not much of a refinisher (I hate doing it!) but I will replace the foam seat. I left the original seat at the auction...in the dumpster. It was pretty awful. We have some foam at home and sewing up a new cover will be an easy job for me.
so....leave it as is or paint it?


Janet said...

Thanks for posting the pics, Sara - absolutely love it (and the price you paid for it). If it were me, I'd leave it - a nice new foam seat in a cheery fabric will bring it to life.

If chairs could talk, eh?

Karen said...

oooh, I just love it. What a great find!

Sybil said...

Leave it. You don't want to cover up all that history. The nostalgia of those worn chair arms.

Besides, you wanted us to tell you to leave it didn't you. :-)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

sara, i think it is beautiful. the curves and lines are just gorgeous. i think you made a great find and i am sure it will look incredible when you have re-vamped it! hugs!

TeresaA said...

I wouldn't paint it! I might buy a cushion though :)

aliceinparis said...

Fantastic find! Lol, me I'd paint it of course but not just one colour:)