Tuesday, July 12, 2011

it was some good

Sunday was a glorious sunny day, and Miss M had a hankering to go searching for sand dollars. We headed to Carter's Beach...the only beach I know that guarantees a sand dollar find every time.
Afterwards, we took a short drive to Summerville Centre, and tried out the restaurant at the resort. (I'll try to post some photos of the restaurant shortly).
Wow. Good food. Good company. Good weather. Good scenery.
It was some good. (a local expression....you'll have to come visit Nova Scotia to appreciate it....the scenery...and the expression!)


Patchmaker said...

Yup; you've been assimilated! Welcome to the club.


Karen said...

Love these photos!! What a beautiful place.

You two look darling in that red swing. And I don't even use the world "darling". :-)

Sybil said...

Love that last photo. The colours are so rich.

I have yet to visit Carter's Beach.

I want to find some sand dollars too.