Tuesday, July 26, 2011

impromptu picnic

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We are a couple of the most fortunate people around, because usually we have no plans or obligations. Yesterday that meant an impromptu picnic at Western Head.
Picnic with the dogs at Western Head
I packed a quick picnic in the cooler, and we took the dogs (of course!). We drove the quick route down the 103 to Liverpool.
view down the other way
Our picnic included shrimp and cocktail sauce for dipping, bbq'd salmon leftovers spread on crackers, olives, pickled eggs, and drinks...diet coke for John, crystal light for me...if the picnic was closer to home it would have been wine :)
I always love the sound of the waves
We meandered down the back roads towards home and stopped in a couple locations for me to take photographs.
loved the colour of the ropes - West Berlin Wharf
Sometimes the best days are unplanned.
Fishing sheds at the West Berlin Wharf
East Berlin - see the fly by? - caught a bird in the photo and didn't realize it...looks like a dust speck!

Birds at East Berlin


Karen said...

Oh, just beautiful, Sarah. What a perfect way to spend a day. I'd love that big piece of driftwood in my "seascape" garden. :-)

Pat MacKenzie said...

What a lovely place for a picnic. The beach was very rocky - the ones I used to go to in NS were the sandy kind. As long as it's on the ocean with the smell of salt air and the sound of the waves, it's perfect.

Seven Gates Farm said...

Continues to be a favorite place. Those pictures don't even look real, they are so beautiful. Looks like just an amazing day for a picnic. Debi

Vickie LeBlanc said...

I am a creature of routine but whenever we have unplanned ''plans'' they always turn out to be my favorites. I love seaside picnics. We usually make a small fire.